The BEST deal for racers!

$125.00 a month


Entry FOB for the Members only Door. Access from 6am - Midnight every day.

Free Practice

Locking Pit bench with power

All Club Race Entries FREE (unlimited classes per night)

Kids Included. (But must be attended by adult)


Want the access, but don't need a Pit bench? Just get the Silver Level!

$50.00 Month


Entry FOB for members only door Access 6am - Midnight every day.

Free Practice

Kids Included (But must be attended by an adult)

Club race fee only $15 per driver for unlimited classes a night.

Use Common Pit tables that have outlets for easy use.


Don't want to haul your stuff, but don't know when you'll make it out to play?

Get a Bronze level, and grab you a locking pit bench!

$50.00 a month.

Spaces are limited so contact us for availability.

Each Locking Pit bench comes with Power.

Daily Practice fees will apply ($5 a day for all day during business hours)

Club Race Entries are $20 (per driver) a night for unlimited classes and that fee includes the daily race fee so you can practice all day race day for the same price.

Come join us Online to meet the community!

Community Funded

With your Help we are looking into adding some more jumps to our off road night, and fun additions to our track and hobby shop.

The hobby shop survives on sales of parts and services, but to improve and add on is a community effort. To help make those things happen faster, we have a GoFundMe up to allow the members of the community to donate to that cost.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!