Racing starts at 7:30 pm!

off road 1

To start off, we are going to be limiting the off-road portion of racing to two class, and splitting each class based on ability level. The idea is to get people racing while limiting damage to the facility. We will have a STRICT rule set and will be sticking to these rules until we can further analyze possible changes because of growth.

Track Specific Rules

1. 1/10th scale 2wd buggies, 2wd Stadium Trucks, will be the only vehicles allowed on the track

2. Slicks are the only tires allowed on the track

3. Track is for racing/ practice only. Jumping wildly in a way that is not intended and that can damage the track will not be tolerated


Class Rules for Expert 17.5 10th scale Spec Buggy and Stadium Truck

1. Slicks will be the ONLY tires allowed on the track.

            * ONLY Proline Prime, 2WD tires allowed.

            Buggy Front: 8242-17

            Buggy Rear: 8241-17

            Truck Front and Rear: 8247-17

            Foam inserts: Blue insert included with tires

            Rims: Roar legal size and width for 2WD Buggy/Truck

* No spiked/ribbed tires what so ever for any reason

* ANY complaints will be settled by the Hobby Shop Manager.

2. SXT 3.0 is the ONLY traction compound allowed for the Banana.

* Anyone found using a different sauce will asked to leave immediately ( see banana rule #2)

3. Roar Legal 17.5 motors

4. 8.4v max voltage

5. ESC in blinky mode. (no turbo, no boost, etc)


Class Rules for Sportsman 17.5 10th scale Spec Buggy / Stadium Truck

1. All Rules from Expert 17.5 10th scale Spec Buggy will be used for the sportsman class.

2. The race director has the right to move any racer up from Sportsman into the Expert class. This class will be for the non-experienced racers (or us out of practice guys)


Banana Rules for the Off-Road.

1. Your vehicles have to be clean... I mean clean from dirt, and clean bottoms. No torn up chassis or screws that will snag and tear up the carpet, also you will HAVE to run a chassis protector. That way if something does try and back out the track is protected.

2. The tire and sauce rules are a NO GIVE rule… you break them you're out for the night or possibly even longer.

3. 2wd Buggy, shock and shock tower guards are REQUIRED. (provided by shop)

4. Off-road vehicles will be allowed on the track on off-road race days only.

Off-road racing will be Sunday afternoons starting at 3:30pm. Race schedule will run 3 qualifiers and 1 main.

Please remember, the rules are in place to keep the track safe, we don't want to damage the track by running the wrong tires and or using the wrong sauce, NO TRACK, NO PLACE TO RACE, it's that cut and dry.