As You all know, or some of you finding us for the first time.  We are no longer an indoor Carpet RC track/Hobby shop.

What we Have evolved into is a Mobile RC Race track.

How does that work???

Well we go out and get permission from businesses/people to use the parking lot.

Once we get the okay  then we go out a little early on race day setup the track layout and get things set up for the racers.  we have a few tables that will be first come first serve , if we have access to AC power we will have power strips to use as well.  we will have a generator to power the PA equipment and the Race directors Computer. We will try and put a couple of extension cords out for plugging up chargers and see how the generator handles it. we may just have to take turns or do like in the old days and use our car batteries to power our chargers. 😉

on road

Races Will be held on Sundays.  We are still working out the time we want to start racing. we want to you to be able to have some family time before race time, but we also want to not run the race program to late. or in the 100 degree heat once summer gets here.


OVAL:  We will be at least trying to do this once a month, or if there is enough interest in it we can run it before or after the On-road racing.


Hobby Shop

Well... we will try and carry a few things: Tires, traction compound, bearings, glue. One thing we do have is a full inventory of 3racing XI Sport Parts .

This Part of the Business will be a slow growing one. We still have accounts with most of our suppliers, we did loose some of the big ones when we got out of the Brick and Mortar store front. but since the overhead is drastically lower than it was, we can offer our racers parts a little cheaper.


We are here to help build the RC community by providing a hobby shop and carpet track for them to come to and enjoy their time. We have pit spaces that you can rent that lock up your stuff, we have community pit spaces that are free to use. Free WiFi, free electricity hook ups, and a plethora of fellow RC fans to help you fall in love with this place and the hobby. Family friendly with a snack stand and spectator area.

Hobby Shop aims to stay up to date on as many of the parts and accessories needed to drive and race on our track, and more.

Come see us and see what we can do for you.